Used Pianos

Schoppert's Piano Gallery has a wonderful selection of pre-owned and consignment pianos on our showroom floor.  The pianos are thoroughly inspected before being placed on our sales floor.  You can rest easy knowing that every used piano has been gone through and is fit for sale.  Keep checking back as our inventory changes often.

Used Schoppert's Inventory Oct.  1st 17' 004.JPG

Steinway Model L

This 5'10" Steinway grand is definitely one-of-a kind!!!  It has only had (1) owner since its original purchase in 1981 and has been regularly tuned by our local tuner every year.  Its rich sound and incredible, responsive action is exactly why you should plan a trip into the gallery and check it out!!!  Call today and schedule a showing!!!

Kimball Console

What a gorgeous console piano!!  Great piano for the beginner student and priced just right!!!

Used Schoppert's Inventory Oct.  1st 17' 003.JPG

Used Schoppert's Inventory Oct.  1st 17' 002.JPG

Feature 3

This is the perfect piano to get started with lessons on.  It's smaller size makes it great for those that don't have a lot of space.  It's also priced for those that don't want to invest much money starting out.  Call today for pricing!

Used Schoppert's Inventory Oct.  1st 17' 001.JPG

Have you seen our "Mickey Mouse Piano"?!?!  We purchased this from a local Sioux Falls artist and have it on display in our gallery if you want to bring your family in to see and play it.  It's truly a working piece of art!!!