Eight Keys To Buying A Piano

Steinway pianos remain the instrument choice for more than 95% of the world's performing artists.  People like Billy Joel and Elton John are just a few big names in the music industry who prefer Steinway over all of the rest. Sound like good company to be in, huh?

When you're looking for your perfect piano, here are...


1.  Sound -  Music is emotional so when you're looking for your piano......Listen to the sound.  Then listen to your heart.  Steinway screams emotion!!

2.  Touch - In the Steinway Piano, it's patented Accelerated Action sets it apart from all other pianos.  Nine out of 10 of the world's performing artists insist on the touch of a Steinway.

3.  Endorsements - Steinway is recommended by performers and many others alike.  Ask around and you will find that piano teachers, technicians, and tuners hold Steinway in the highest regard.

4.  Investment - A survey of pre-owned Steinway piano sales calculated that a 25 year old Steinway commands a price 3.3 times higher than its original cost.  This being said, Steinway is, over time, the least expensive piano anyone can buy.

5.  Name - The name Steinway on a piano singles it out from every other piano in the room.....and every other piano in the world.  "A Steinway is a Steinway.  And there is nothing else like it in the world." - Arthur Rubinstein, Polish-American Classical Pianist


6.  Workmanship - It takes a year to build a single Steinway.  Imagine that statistic. When artisans create, by hand, an instrument composed of some 12,000 parts, it requires time as well as diligence and talent.  Every one is a handmade work of art.

7.  Advancements - Steinway has over 120 patents.  Since 1859, every piano since has tried to follow the lead of Steinway. After all those years, Steinway continues to set the standard as the best made piano in the world.

8.  Your Gift - Children instinctively appreciate the quality of a superior instrument.  A Steinway can help them learn faster, play longer because they enjoy the sound so much more, and inspire them to stretch the limit of their talent.  It is truly a "gift" you are giving them to enjoy for many, many years!!!

To play one of these artisan instruments and see more of our great selection of pianos, email me at:  jay.tripp75@gmail.com and I'd be happy to schedule a special viewing.