The Making of a Steinway

Since 2010, Schoppert’s has worked tirelessly to earn the trust of the entire Sioux Empire region as the premier piano showroom. We are known for our expertise, our commitment to our customers, and of course, our wide selection of fine pianos.

At Schoppert’s, we are proud to be authorized dealers of Steinway and Sons pianos, including Steinway Grand, Boston, and Essex instruments.  

Founded in Manhattan in 1853 by Henry Engelhard Steinway, Steinway and Sons is truly the gold standard when it comes to pianos.

Every Steinway and Sons instrument  is handcrafted by artisans who take immense pride in the responsibility that has been given them—to create a piano different from any other in the world.

“Each piano will have its own tonal flavor, with various predominant qualities, such as brilliance, mellowness, warmth, roundness of tone, and the like,” said the late John Steinway, great-grandson of Henry Engelhard Steinway.

Steinways consist of over 12,000 individual parts, 85 percent of which are made of wood. Only the finest grades of maple and Sitka spruce are used to craft these magnificent instruments.

“We inspect every piece of lumber that arrives in our factory to be certain that only the top grade of each wood used will be built into every Steinway piano,” said Steinway.

Creating such a complex instrument takes months—even years, when the drying process of the lumber is considered. When you purchase a Steinway, you can be certain that extreme care and dedication has been taken to build the best possible musical experience.

The team of craftsmen and designers at Steinway and Sons holds over 125 patents for the innovations they’ve developed over the years.

The Steinway difference is that which, “makes Steinway pianos so intuitively responsive, so incomparable in sound, they are chosen by 95 percent of the world’s performing artists,” Steinway said.

Steinway and Sons builds their pianos to a standard of unwavering quality.
— Cindy Schoppert

A Steinway is an investment in music, in artistry. Also available within the Steinway and Sons family are the Boston and Essex lines—the highest quality instruments available at their price points.

Every piano is unique, just as every home and every artist is unique. At Schoppert’s, we carry all three lines, as well as certified, pre-owned models, and we take pride in our expertise when it comes to helping you find the right piano for you.

“Steinway & Sons builds their pianos to a standard of unwavering quality,” Cindy Schoppert, owner and CEO of Schoppert’s, said. “They turn out a consistently amazing product, yet each is unique. This is why we love representing them. Simply put, they are the best.”

Enjoy this video for an in-depth view of the construction process of a Steinway Grand.

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