Creating New Traditions: Twila and Ross

When Twila realized her grandson, Ross, had a knack for music, she urged his parents to enroll him in piano lessons.

Coming from a farm family, it took a bit of convincing for Ross' parents to pursue the activity, but a few months later, Ross was taking lessons and loving every minute of it.

Not long afterward, Ross and his parents came to Schoppert's to purchase his first digital piano.

Since then, he's even composed a few of his own songs, including a family favorite, "Grandpa's Song." 

"It's going to be a tradition for our family" said Twila. "A very special song."

Here at Schoppert's, we're proud to be keeping the legacy of music alive with families like Twila and Ross. 

Watch the video here.  

Troy KlongerboComment