Why Schoppert's?

Our job is to match the person with the personality of the piano that suits them best.
— Cindy Schoppert-Pickett - Owner and CEO/CFO, Schoppert's Piano Gallery

There’s more that goes into a piano than meets the eye.

When you decide to purchase a piano, you’ll soon realize there are a lot of people who are only interested in making a sale. If you’re buying used, they may just be looking to get rid of an old piece of furniture.

At Schoppert’s Piano Gallery, whether you’re buying new or used, we don’t want you to walk away feeling like you’ve been sold something. We want our customers to walk away knowing they’ve invested in their family. That they’ve added something of value to their home.  

That’s what makes us different.


At Schoppert’s, we pride ourselves on carrying the best brands at the fairest prices.

We believe that every piano is unique, with its own touch, tone, and personality, and we’ve carefully selected each and every instrument in our gallery.

"Our job is to match the person with the personality of the piano that suits them best," says owner and CEO/CFO Cindy Schoppert-Pickett. "We're able to do that because we have such a large showroom and a large variety of pianos." 

No matter your budget, we’re confident that we’ll be able to find the right piano for you among our curated collection of fine instruments. We invest time into each of our customers, knowing that a piano is often a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.


Our owners, Cindy Schoppert-Pickett and Jay Tripp, have visited the Steinway and Sons headquarters in New York City and know the piano industry intimately. Tripp has been playing professionally since the age of 18.

The Schoppert’s team understands customers’ individual preferences and has the industry knowledge to deliver those needs and beyond.

We ask a wide array of questions to determine how your family will be using the piano, where it will be in the home, and which of the instrument’s features are most important to you.

Once we find out what you’re looking for, it becomes our responsibility to fully educate you on your options, so you can find an instrument that speaks to you.


Purchasing an instrument should be an enjoyable experience.

At Schoppert’s, we have a heart for spreading the gift of music.

A piano quickly becomes part of your family—a place where everyone can gather around beautiful music. If your purchase isn’t meant to be a surprise, we encourage you to bring your entire family into the gallery to shop. Involving the whole family gives everyone a sense of ownership and value.

We understand what a big decision this is, which is why we take time to explore our collection with every client, to ensure the piano they take home is the perfect fit for their family and lifestyle.

Anyone can sell you a piano.

At Schoppert’s, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients. We don’t want you to walk in the door and see a salesperson. We want you to view us as a trusted friend and guide.

If you're ready to take the next step in finding your piano, stop by the gallery (open Monday through Saturday, 9-5), or schedule an appointment. We can't wait to meet you. 

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