Linda’s Player Piano Plays “Lazy Bones” in Honor of Her Mother

When Linda purchased her player piano from Schoppert’s Piano Gallery, it was more than just a gift for her sons, it was an investment in her mother’s memory.

When her mother passed away, Linda was left with a small inheritance. She knew she wanted to do something special with the money, rather than putting it toward something fleeting or wasteful.

“I chose to use my mom’s inheritance for this piano as a gift for her grandsons,” Linda said. “So that this music would be in our home, and we would see the beauty of it every day and remember her. We listen to the music every day, and we thank her.”

Bringing music into a home offers so much more than entertainment. For Linda, it keeps her mother’s spirit alive.

When she was a little girl, Linda fondly remembers her mother singing an old song called “Lazy Bones” to her. It was a delight for her to hear the song once again, as it happened to be included in one of the piano’s playlists.

“It was just like, ‘That’s you, Mom. This is meant to be,’” Linda said.

The player piano will hold a special place in the hearts of Linda and her sons. Though her sons are young, they appreciate the meaning of the piano and often tell their friends that it’s a gift from their grandma.

“A piano is an investment for your family that can go from generation to generation,” Linda said. “I pray that my grandchildren have this piano someday and they’ll know the story behind it.”

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Troy KlongerboComment